With one hand J.P. Morgan Chase was taking millions of dollars a month in federal funds via the Mortgage Modification Plan in a false attempt to work with families to keep them in their homes. And with the other hand, J. P Morgan was taking the federal funds and purchasing delinquent property tax liens and forcing folks from their homes via delinquent property tax lien foreclosures.

J.P Morgan Chase has recently admitted rigging the delinquent tax lien process in 33 States- including Ohio- and has agreed to a $211 Million Dollar settlement.

The crooked bid riggers mixed in well with corrupt politicians in Cuyahoga County, Ohio and they destroyed our communities.

J.P Morgan and it's subsidiaries, Plymouth Park Tax Services, aka Xspand, was given a no bid lucrative contract in Cuyahoga County to purchase delinquent property tax liens where tax liens were sold in 'blocks' or bundles.

The contract's terms consisted of 18% interest charged to the victims of this bid rigging/corruption, one year redemption period to foreclose on properties, large discounts on the actual lien purchase, priority lien status, etc. Our elected officials accelerated the foreclosure process for the delinquent tax lien thieves- reducing the process from up to two years down to three months.

Evidently, county officials were in on the bid rigging process as the no bid contract's terms were not beneficial to the county itself or to property owners in Cuyahoga County. The terms of the no bid contract were only beneficial to the tax bid riggers themselves, along with a few of our now federally convicted or soon to be convicted public corruptors.

I doubt it was written in the no bid contract, but the bid riggers were also given a free ride with paying their own property taxes in Cuyahoga County for properties Plymouth Park Tax Services obtained via tax lien foreclosures.

Plymouth Park obtained ownership of 89 properties in Cuyahoga County thru the tax lien foreclosure process and they were delinquent with paying their own property taxes on 88 of their properties. Much of the delinquent property tax was owed for well over one year and the amount they owed was often more than the former property owner owed prior to losing their homes to these bid rigging thieves.

J.P. Morgan Chase , aka Plymouth Park Tax Services, aka Xspand, and Cuyahoga County officials are bid rigging thieves
The admitted bid riggers, along with our elected officials, created neighborhoods filled with blight.  Houses that once were owned by long time owners- some for nearly fifty years mortgage free- are now vacant and vandalized.  Property taxes are not being paid.   Tens of thousands of Cuyahoga County property owners were victimized and hundreds of people lost their family homes- often for less than a couple thousand dollars.
The photo below is of an actual victim of Plymouth Park Tax Services on eviction day.

The mentally ill victim is looking out his door after realizing that representatives from Plymouth Park Tax Services were knocking on his door- to kick him out of his house owned for nearly 50 years.
The victim paid Plymouth Park Tax Services nearly $6,000 and still got thrown out of his house when he could not continue to pay the 18% interest and other excessive fees that Plymouth Park kept charging.  He lost his house for less than $2,000.

Plymouth Park Tax Services sold his house for $7,500 after refusing to sell the man back his own house.